904 AC 220V 1A BLACK manual knob floor table lamp in line 15-60W dimmer switch

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Black In Line Dimmer Switch 904 AC 220V 1A manual knob for floor or table lamps 15-60W

Product details:

These simple in line dimmers switches, are ideal for retro fitting an in line dimmer switch to any piece of equipment running an incandescent filament bulb.  They come as standard with an internal high quality PCB.  To fit, simply cut your live (positive) wire and inset the internal pcb between the two halves of the live wire.  Solder the two wires to the PCB, and then fit both halves of the housing around your installation, and fit the knob to the top of the assembly, and you have a working dimmer switch.

These are CE and ENEC/IMQ European wide approval for lighting applications

  • Compact strong polyamide nylon body
  • Positive knurled dimmer know push fit onto inegral variable resistor
  • Internal PCB holes to solder 2 connections
  • Easy case opens with 2 x cross head screws
  • Nominal Voltage rating up to 220VAC – 240VAC / 1A
  • Maximum continuous temperature +85 Deg C
  • Maximum bulb wattage: 15-60W
  • Black in colour (Also available in three other colour options): White, Coffee or Transparent (Clear) – see our shop
  • Flex not included

70mm x 33mm x 28mm
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