4 Terminal Reed Door Flush Contact Burglar Alarm Sensor + Tamper + Resistors

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Terminal Single Reed Flush Contact + Tamper + Resistors

Product details:

A Grade 2 Flush mounted contacts which can be added easily to new or existing intermediate installations.  Ideal for double door / shared zone use.

These contacts feature a varierty of integral resistors. providing 2 wire EOL installation capability.  The resistors will suit a wide range of most popular panel brands such as Honeywell. Scantronic. RISCO. HKC. Pyronix. Guardall. Castle etc.  The resistors are supplied on a set of 4 modules. which are inserted into the PCB in order to select the desired configuration.

A no-resistor combination provides traditional 4 wire capability where desired.

Wiring is completed using the four wire clamping screw down terminals on the PCB.

A microswitch tamper provides detection of removal from the fitting recess.

Along with fitting screws. a contact sheath is also supplied. this is useful for installations where the fitting recesses have drilled a little wider than 20mm or are otherwise awkward.

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality components available.  We also aim for the highest standards of customer service.Please contact us if you have any questions about our products.

Technical Details:

  • Environmental Class: II – Indoor uncontrolled
  • Grade: 2
  • Terminals: 4
  • Tamper: Microswitch
  • Operating Gap: 14mm   
  • EOL Resistors: 1k. 2k2. 4k1. 4k7. 5k6. 10k
  • Alarm Resistors: 1k. 2k2. 4k1. 4k7. 5k6. 6k8. 10k
  • Switch Dimensions: (without sheath) Diameter 19mm. Depth 27mm…….(with sheath) Diameter 22mm. Depth 31mm
  • Magnet Dimensions: Diameter 22mm. Depth 25mm
  • Material: High Impact Polystyrene

1 set includes: 

1 x Flush contact with one normally open reed switch

1 x Flush Magnet

1 x Contact sheath

1 x Set of resistors

4 x Fixing screws


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