Tradesman Large Kit of Superseal connectors, 1 – 6 way, AMP, TYCO spares

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Tradesman Large Kit of Superseal connectors, 1 – 6 way, AMP, TYCO spares


A very handy large spares kit which is contained in a very sturdy, strong polycarbonate case, with positive locking double catches.

The kit is made up of two sections.  The top section contains all your seals and male and female terminals, as well as the 5 and 6 way connectors.  The bottom section contains everything else.

You also have the option to add Waterproof rubber boots if required.

Store it in your car, van, truck, boat, caravan or wherever you may need access to everything you need to fit these quality waterproof connectors.  Designed to meet the requirements of IP67.

We have large and small kits available (see our shop for the smaller kit)

Large kit Includes:

1 Way:
8 x 1 way Male Housing
8 x 1 way Female Housing

2 Way:
8 x 2 way Male Housing
8 x 2 way Female Housing

3 Way:
6 x 3 way Male Housing
6 x 3 way Female Housing

4 Way:
4 x 4 way Male Housing
4 x 4 way Female Housing

5 Way:
2 x 5 way Male Housing
2 x 5 way Female Housing

6 Way:
2 x 6 way Male Housing
2 x 6 way Female Housing

Male Terminals:
80 x Male Terminals (plus a few spares)
80 x Female Terminals (plus a few spares)

Wire Seals:

160 x 0.5mm² – 1.5mm² wire size seals (Insulation Diameter 1.7mm – 2.4mm) These are YELLOW in colour (plus a few spares)

Waterproof rubber boots:

Available as an option.  If you would like these added to the kit, please select the option above, and you will also receive:

8 x 2 way boots
6 x 3 way boots
4 x 4 way boots
2 x 5 way boots
2 x 6 way boots 

Need a crimp tool?:

We also sell crimp tools for these connectors, please click the option for ‘crimp tool required’ above or check out our shop where you will find a separate listing for the crimp tool.

We also sell individual connectors and in bulk, take a look at our shop where you will find listings for these

Additional information

Crimp Tool Required?

Yes, Yes, No, No

Waterproof Boots Required?

Yes, No, Yes, No


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